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in line layer without cleanup

Ok, here is my understanding of inline layers and I really doubt in the mean time if this is correct.

I have a number of /29 networks that are part of a /24 and all need access to some specified services.

Each of these /29's has it's own specific access in-line layer with in and outbound cleanup rules.

Now I added a access rule with in-line layer to allow the centralized services of which a part is based on URLs and part on specific IP's.

Now my assumption was, that when you do NOT add a cleanup rule in the /24 in-line layer, the matching will continue thru the rest of the rulebase, thus hitting the specific rules for the /29. Today someone told me that traffic was allowed that should not be allowed, all I can think of is that the message on the /24 in-line layer that says:

"Missing Cleanup-rule - Unmatched traffic will be accepted and not logged"

So the main question here is, is this really true?

Regards, Maarten
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