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Daniel_Taney inside General Management Topics 3 hours ago
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PDP/PEP Identity Sharing Not In Sync?

I will likely open a TAC case on this, but we noticed today that one GW using identity sharing today seems to not be fully in sync with the PDP. For example, if I run pep show user all |grep <username> on the PDP, I am able to see ...
inside Policy Management 5 hours ago
views 13

Exporting/Importing R77.x and Earlier Configuration (odumper and ofiller)

I've referred to this tool enough times on CheckMates that I figure I should put a copy of it here so it's a little easier to find. Ofiller and Odumper are tools that were created by former Check Point SE Martin Hoz. They are not official Check Po...
Mike_Jensen inside General Management Topics 8 hours ago
views 31 5

NTP R80.10 2200 appliances will not sync

Has anyone else encountered this issue? I have several 2200 appliances running R80.10 with Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator 189 and I cannot get them to sync with any NTP server.  I have tried,, individual public NTP...
inside General Management Topics 10 hours ago
views 2279 18 8

Domain Objects (FQDN) - An Unofficial ATRG

In 2018 I wrote an internal (Check Point) unofficial ATRG that covers Domain Objects in a lot more detail than sk120633 covers. I've discussed this document with our developers and confirmed all the details and was given permission to share t...
Jon_Dyke inside Policy Management 15 hours ago
views 4484 5 2

Bulk rename of host objects

I have a few hundred host objects that I need to rename.  The hosts are called site2_xxx_xxx  but need to be site3_xxx_xxx.  What would be the best way of doing this?  I am assuming the API is an option given I am on 80.10.Than...
Shahar_Grober inside Policy Management 17 hours ago
views 164 3

R80.20 Updatable Objects - Intune + Autopilot

Hi, Are there updateable objects in R80.20 for Microsoft Intunes and Autopilot?Intune:
inside Multi-Domain Management 20 hours ago
views 41 2

runcrossdomainquery + R80.10

Hi,  We have a customer who's requirement is to search across all domains for network objects and return their "where used" information.  In R77.x you had runcrossdomainquery to search for this information. This is not available in ...
Chun_Hian_Goh inside Developers (API / CLI) 22 hours ago
views 15

SmartMove Error failed to convert Juniper ScreenOs configuration

Hi Team, I am trying to convert the Juniper configuration using Smartmove but encountered the error. Refer to the error message posted below:Could not parse configuration file.Message: Input string was not in a correct format.Module: mscorlib...
chuka inside Logging and Reporting yesterday
views 129 6

Using Netbackup to take backup of Log server

Hello Team, we run an open server running on R80.1 with a network attached storage as a log server.  we have an enterprise net backup solution used for all enterprise application and devices. The solution is agent based and requires the ...

Create rule from deny log

Hi,I get a question from one of my customer.It is possible to create a rule from dropped rule like pfsense ? We can create a host from an IP, I believe we can ...
carl_t inside Policy Management Saturday
views 68 1

creating a priority qos rule in R80.20

Hi AllI would like to create a priority queue for my voice and video traffic on the firewalls, I would like it to match on EF and AF41, and I would like it to have up to 33% of the bandwidth for priority.Can anyone tell me the easiest way to achie...

CPUSE Deployment Agent build 1669 shows a strange image

Blink image of Check Point Now R80.20 Jumbo HF T13 is now available for download. File Name: blink_image_Check_Point_Now_R80.20_JHF_T13.tgz Package Size: 2433.5 MB Release Date: 20-Mar-2019 But what is this ? GW R80.20 3.1 has take 11, a R80.20 JT...
TheRealDiZ inside Logging and Reporting Friday
views 90 3

Not able to access SmartView R80.20

Hi Guys! I'm not able to access SmartView on R80.20 with error "Authentication to server failed".I'm using the same "admin" user with which I'm able to access SmartConsole, SSH, Gaia Portal. Anyone is experiencing the same?I have to conf...
Sagar_Manandhar inside General Management Topics Friday
views 1639 10 3

Script to run migrate export backup

hi,How can we schedule the migrate export backup everyday and push it to another server with the backup file name with date. Tried with job scheduler but there we find some limitation.Regards,Sagar Manandhar
Muhammad_Ali inside General Management Topics Thursday
views 119 4

Can't Discard "SmartView Tracker" sessions on R80.20 SmartConsole

Is there any way to discard the old "SmartView Tracker" sessions on R80.20 SmartConsole? The only option I get is  "Disconnect" and that is also disabled. Find attached the screen shot below:Can't Discard Sessionwhereas I can "Discard" and "T...
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