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Unable to add security gateway to management

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I'm planning to deploy a Checkpoint deployment into our network. I have used my security management as 'Smart-1 405 device' and 4 '3200' appliances  as security gateways where im planning to implement two gateways as Clusters and other 2 for HA. I'm in starting phase and I have installed and configured the devices and able to ping from Gateway to Management, but unable from Manage. to Gw. Moreover, I'm unable to add Gateways into Management Smart-console  Dashboard. I have attached my topology and want to make sure this deployment is possible in this topology.

Is it mandatory that security management device (smart-1 405) needs directly connected to at least one gateway (two '3200' device) . I'm having a L3 catalyst switch between Mana and GW. Please clarify my questions. 


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