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Tracker vs SmartConsole Logs and Monitor view

The thread in which we detail the ways SmartConsole's integrated SmartView log viewer could be improved by comparing it with features that were lost when Tracker was deprecated. Please add your own, or offer workarounds for missing features.

- Custom queries saved in Tracker include active columns, column width and placement, name/service resolution settings. SmartView does not.

- Resolve IP and Resolve Service can be enabled separately in Tracker, but not in SmartView.

- In Tracker with resolve disabled, hover over an IP or service resolves the entry. SmartView does not, unless the column-width is set too narrow to view an entire IP address or service field, only then it will resolve on hover-over.

- Using more than about three filters in SmartView causes the filters to fail unpredictably.

- Tracker can scroll to the beginning or end of a view ("Go to top" and "Go to bottom" arrow buttons). In SmartView you must manually scroll down as new events are loaded and you may never find the end.

- Keyboard Home, ctrl-Home, End and ctrl-End works in Tracker to scroll to the top or bottom of a page or filtered view. SmartView doesn't respond to those keys.

- Switching to any other Console tab (e.g., Security Policies, etc.) then back to Logs and Monitor causes the view to reset to the top, rather than keeping your place in the log view. (This can be resolved only by undocking the log view.)

- Tracker's "Get number of filtered records" is gone.

- The bottom and side panes are always open by default. I never use them so always just want them out of the way.

- Maybe this is out of scope (it's more SmartCenter server - or whatever that's called in this product rev - rather than log viewer utility), but the ability to manually configure when your logs roll was nice. Now it's daily at midnight and the system ignores any other log rotation setting you give it.

- Probably also out of scope, but Tracker with a day's log files open = 135MB RAM; SmartConsole = 1GB or more, depending on the number of views opened.

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