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Tools and referenced SKs for R77.30 appliance to VM migration.

Please advise what tool is appropriate for exporting R77.30 MDM from appliance and restoring it on MDM running on VMware.

For upgrades to R80.XX, the recommended tool is mds_setup, run from mounted ISO.

I am looking for definitive instructions to refer a client to in order for them to generate the export file that will subsequently be used to recreate their environment in R77.30 VMs.

There are some references to "export_mds", but the only procedural article is sk66646 (Last modified 08-May-2017 by Christian Hofmann), that is no longer available in the knowledge base that starts with:

Export of MDS fails by running out of disk space or produces extremely big file.
Import of the MDS fails due to running out of disk space or does not import logs.
There are some glitches in the scripts for export and import:
1. The export script sometimes (preferable when exporting R65) leaves the temporary files from the export in $FWDIR/tmp/migrate
2. The import script sometimes leaves a copy of the imported files in $FWDIR/tmp/migrate
3. The mds_import script on MDM does not import logs even if they are part of the export
4. The export script adds files to the export which are not required when importing to a different release.
All of the above do not cause the export and import fail, but sometimes takes unnecessary amount of disk space. The export and import also takes significantly longer than

Which does not inspire confidence and seems dated.

The Check_Point_migration_tools_R77.30_T204.Gaia.tgz does not contain "mds_export" and "mds_import", yet it does list Multi Domain Manager / Provider-1 in applicable platforms.

If no such documents available, please share your experience, if you've had to perform the same task I am looking at.

Additionally, please let me know if the mds_setup from the higher version, the one from the mounted ISO, could be used for older versions, i.e. R80.10 or R80.20.M1 ISO for R77.30 to R77.30.

Thank you,


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