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Static NAT to DMZ Web Server on R80.10 Cluster (HA)


I've been having trouble wrapping my head around something. The scenario is as follows:

ISP Router with multiple available public IP's --> CheckPoint 3000 Appliance Cluster --> Web server in DMZ

Now, I want to NAT https traffic from of the public IP's) to the web server ( in the DMZ.  Should I create a proxy arp entry for this to work, and if I should, how exactly should it be done? I have created the Web Server object with a static NAT to the IP I want it to listen on and applied it to a firewall policy to permit https traffic from All_Internet to my server object. 

If someone can provide guidance on this, I would appreciate it. It has proven to be a bit more difficult than it seems.. Smiley Happy

Thanks in advance

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