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SmartEvent Smart-1 appliance sizing information?

Does anyone know if there are any recent SmartEvent sizing recommendations posted somewhere?  All I can find is the document below that is for R77.x and the old Smart-1 models.  We currently run a Smart-1 225 and I can't turn on the consolidated sessions setting to report on the firewall blade because it pretty much brings the appliance to its knees when I have that running.  I'm looking to replace with a 525, 5050, or open server on my own hardware and given how much these appliances cost I want to be sure I am buying a new SmartEvent appliance that will easily be able to handle my logs with the consolidated sessions setting turned on.

Also, was certain I remembered a support engineer telling me a while back that once you had mgmt and gateways running R80.10+ you could report on the firewall blade in SmartEvent without having the full consolidated sessions turned on.  That does not seem to be the case, and I put in a ticket and they said you can only get this with consolidated sessions.  If anyone knows of a way to report on the firewall blade without the huge performance hit of consolidated sessions please let me know.

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