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SmartEvent - Problem adding DMN Log Servers from Multi-domain server

Hi all, 

I will try to get some help here since I can´t find an answer to my problem anywhere.

I´m trying to setup a standalone R80.10 SmartEvent server that should integrate with our Multi-Domain Server following sk110894  Connecting R80/R80.10 SmartEvent to R77.xx Multi-Domain Server. 

Everything look great to the point where you should add domains to the correlation unit. Under "Objects-Domains"  every domain from MDS shows up, and I´m able to add the wanted domains.

The problem we´re experiencing is that when trying to add the Log Servers to the Correlations unit. Only the DMN´s that have configured MDL as log server shows up. No log server that are configured to use the MDS as log server is visible. 

We have tried rebboting the Smartevent Server, Push Policy and install Database on the DMN that not shoing up. 

Can´t see anything getting blocked in the firewall.  I have added some screenshots to the problem. 

Today we´re running NGSE, and it´s set up in the same way, and this works perfectly. When trying to add log servers after adding the new Domain, Both log servers from MDS and the MDL server are showing up.  

Hope someone maybe have the same configurations as us can help out Smiley Happy 

Best Regards 

Bjørn Andre Kaland 

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