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SmartConsole Security Policies - Search feature is broken for inline layers

R80.20 on MDS/CMA. SmartCenter

When looking at the Security policies and trying to do a search for objects in a policy that contains an ordered layer section and inline layer section in the policy, the search is able to find the object in the ordered section but not in the inline section. An example is searching for a host and it finds one occurrence in the inline section, but no others. When using object explorer, and doing a where used on the object in question, it lists it in the policy in question in ~15 places.

The same thing occurs in the Security Zone inline layer section.

This makes the search feature pretty much useless and misleading for operational purposes.

I've had an open ticket on this for almost a month, and now have the response of ' it looks like it's not supported'.

Has anyone else run into this, and found a workaround besides the 'where used' option?

Thank you,


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