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Searching Network Objects in R80.xx is crippled

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Managing large networks is easier if searching in Dashboard does simply work ! In R77.30, it was easy to search for e.g. servers in network objects > hosts, see here an example from Demo mode:


In the search results, we can find the objects having a name containing "server" as well as objects having "server" in comment field - so, it is easy to find all server objects.

But not in R80.xx - in Demo, we see a list of Hosts named using "server":


So when searching, we would expect to get all objects with "server" in its name, but not the one with "srv". But what do we really get ? Not much:


It will not show the FileServer and WebCalendarServer. But now. try it yourself and do not search "Server" but "erver" - nothing will be shown at all !

I am thinking that this is not a search function anymore !

But what about other users, is this kind of searching unusable or not needed anymore ? Does anyone else miss it ? And what did really happen to Dashboard that did the searching very well in R77.30 ?

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