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R80.20 upgrade - CPM stuck on initilialisation

I'm attempting to migrate an existing R77.30 openserver to a new R80.20 openserver.


The upgrade process itself appears to perform correctly and everything is fine up until the initial cpstart, then cpm never comes out of initialisation.


I have done a migrate export using th R80.20 tool and imported into a newly build R80.20, plus I have done a migrate export with the R77.30 tools, imported into a newly built R77.30 then upgraded. 


Both display the same behaviour once they try to start under R80.20, so the behaviour is repeatable, which suggests that there is an issue with the export as opposed to the upgrade process.


Looks like SIC isn't working correctly as cpm.elg has a whole bunch of errors with:

Caused by: com.checkpoint.infrastructure.utils.runtime.CpAssertionError: failed to load SIC cert file

Followed by

Caused by: Signature algorithm mismatch

Currently this is on a non-production box so I can mess about however much I like as long as I get a procedure that will allow me to migrate the actual platform when I'm ready.

I have a case open with TAC already, but thought this way might glean faster results (as already I've had them tell me that "you need to ensure you used the correct ISO to upgrade", so I feel it's going to be one of those cases...)

R80.20 JHF Take 47



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