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R80.20 security checkup report does not export

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Dear CheckMates,

i have a problem on R 80.20 smartview part with reports.Infact everything works fine every report is generating and exporting except Security Checkup Advanced report that is generating ,but can not be exported in any format,every time it shows "Running" for an hour and than fail with"Failed",no reason no nothing in smartconsole.

This thing has never happend to me with R80 or R80.10 .

Problem exsists currently on any Security Checkup analysis that we have setup with R80.20.

So currently we have two setups that are still "listening" on two different hypervisor platforms (Hyper-v,VMware) for Management Server, with two different appliances 4800 and TE125 as gateways for SecCheckup.

On both environments i have seen same behavior.

One thing i did was to import Security Checkup Advanced.cpr from R80.10 to R80.20 and successfully did the export.

So i think there is a problem with template in R80.20.

Please advise|(just don't tell me to raise the case). Smiley Happy 

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