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R80.10 Concurrent Administrators

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I am just now getting into R80.10 Administration.  I am seeing that Check Point is allowing Concurrent Admins in the same Policy.  My question is: 

What about the changes being made?  If I am working on a FW making changes and at the same time another Admin is doing the same thing on the same FW and I finish before he/she does I will save my changes - do I save the other admins changes they have completed up to that point as well?  If I go ahead and push policy am I pushing the other Admins changes they have made up to that point as well as the changes I am pushing?  Once the other Admin finishes their work are they only saving/pushing the changes they completed after I pushed the Policy earlier?

Finally, is there a way to differentiate who made what changes?  Was this taken into consideration by UserID or??  If they are both using a shared Admin ID?

I have dealt with this mess in another FW application and it caused a number of frustrations for the department.

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