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R77.30 to R80.10 Mgmt HA upgrade step-by-step

Hi Guys..My first post on the forum so please bear with me Smiley Happy

Goal: Upgrading our R77.30 Mgmt HA deployment (Virtual Machines) to R80.10 (virtual machines) HA..

Reading through various CP docs and the forums, I have prepared a step-by-step procedure and I shall be grateful if someone can validate this for me.

Hopefull this would be of help to others as well


Primary Server

  1. Run pre_upgrade_verifier tool on source R77.30 Primary (Active) Mgmt server and resolve any errors/warnings
  2. Provision two new VMs using recommendations specified in R80.10 release notes (pg 16)
  3. Perform clean install of an R80.10 SMS on the first VM using iso and assign temporary IP address but same hostname as R77.30 source server
  4. Export the database using migrate_export from source (R77.30) Primary/Active SMS and note down the MD5 hash
  5. Transfer the exported DB to target (R80.10) SMS server and verify MD5 hash. (This is why we need temporary IP in Step 2)
  6. Disconnect target R80.10 SMS server from the network
  7. From VMWare console, change the IP address for R80.10 SMS to be the same as R77.30
  8. Run migrate_import to import the DB on the R80.10 SMS
  9. Disconnect source (R77.30) SMS HA pair from the network. At this point firewalls are logging locally
  10. Bring new R80.10 SMS online
  11. Ensure SIC is maintained (since hosntame and IP are the same, SIC should not be affected.. right?) and firewalls are logging to the New R80.10 server
  12. Install a policy to validate migration


Management HA

  1.  Perform a clean install of R80.10 SMS on new Secondary SMS server with same IP as current (R77.30) standby SMS server
  2. Establish SIC with new R80.10 Secondary SMS server
  3. Perform Synchronisation from Primary to Secondary server



  1.  Disconnect the new SMS and bring R77.30 SMS servers online and test SIC, logging and policy installation


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