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No logs displayed in Smart-1 Appliance

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I have some trouble with logging. We have 1 Cluster 5800 and Smart-1 405 Appliance(all 80.10) .

It was every ting Ok, but tomorrow there was no logs in logs and monitor pane.

Logs from FWs comes and stores on Smart-1 405 Appliance normally online.

We try to revert to day-after snapshot, but there is no result.

Could you help?

CPSC405> cpstat mg -f log_server

Log Receive Rate:                 1
Log Receive Rate Peak:            114
Log Receive Rate Last 10 Minutes: 42
Log Receive Rate Last Hour:       50

Log Server Connected Gateways
|Name          |State    |Last Login Time          |Log Receive Rate|
|Local Clients |Connected|N/A                      |               0|
|FW-30-CP5800-2|Connected|Wed Oct  3 09:56:49 2018
|               0|
|FW-30-CP5800-1|Connected|Wed Oct  3 09:56:49 2018
|               1|

30-CPSC405> cpstat mg -f indexer                                               
Total Read Logs:                       468708
Total Updates and Logs Indexed:        2343510
Total Read Logs Errors:                0
Total Updates and Logs Indexed Errors: 2349510
Updates and Logs Indexed Rate:         17
Read Logs Rate:                        4
Updates and Logs Indexed Rate (10min): 211
Read Logs Rate (10min):                42
Updates and Logs Indexed Rate (60min): 250
Read Logs Rate (60min):                50
Updates and Logs Indexed Rate Peak:    1952
Read Logs Rate Peak:                   515
Read Logs Delay:                       0

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