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New upgrade mechanism for management servers in R80.40!

Hi everyone,

My name is Itai and I'm a Team Leader in Check Point R&D. My team is responsible for a new upgrade mechanism for the management server.

The new upgrade mechanism will be executed (under the hood) when upgrading from R80.20, R80.20.Mx and R80.30 to R80.40 (and to any future version).

I would like to share with you some exciting advantages of the new upgrade mechanism 

  • New updatable code mechanism for faster delivery of upgrade fixes and enhancements, automatically downloaded as upgrade packages from the Download Center for online environments. Also available for offline environments and requires to download latest upgrade package from the Download Center. For instructions see sk135172.
  • New dynamic HTML upgrade report shows the current status while upgrade is in progress and the final report once upgrade is done. 
    • When upgrading using CPUSE, the report is available by clicking the “To see a detailed upgrade report” link in the Package Details pane. Available from DA version1858.
    • When upgrading using CPUSE or Advanced upgrade, the report is available on the management server at $MDS_FWDIR/log/upgrade_report-<timestamp>.html
  • The new upgrade mechanism was designed to leverage best the architecture of R80.X thus it is more reliable.
  • Future releases will include Management API commands for management server upgrade, this will allow DevOps teams to orchestrate the upgrade process automatically.

Note: I would like to inform that the command for Advance Upgrade has been changed in the new upgrade mechanism. The command that should be used when upgrading from R80.20, R80.20.Mx and R80.30 to R80.40 is migrate_server  (instead of migrate command that is used when upgrading from R80.10 and lower versions). For more information search for migrate_server in R80.40 Installation and Upgrade Guide.

I hope you will enjoy from our new upgrade mechanism. Feel free to reply to this thread with comments or questions, or to reach me or @Eran_Habad privately. 


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