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Moving from old gateways to new gateways and new sms

Hi guys,

We have procured the latest CP firewalls and one new open server for new SMS. the old and new CP firewalls have dissimilar no. of ports. Just in brief can I know the steps to be taken to move over to this new setup. We prefer to take backups and restore.

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That all depends - is this a HW change only or also an update? Usually, if no IP or name is changed and no VPN used, you proceed like this:

- take a migrate export from SMS (see sk108902: Best Practices - Backup on Gaia OS, use -l for log export)

- if needed, save GAiA config (routes a.o.) using sk102234 - Backing up Gaia system level configuration

- configure new GWs

- configure and migrate import new SMS

- do the changes/additions needed for new ports/nets

- edit GW config and establish SIC with the new GWs

- install policy

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Hi G_W_Alrecht,

It's a HW change as well as an upgrade.
Our clients have an existing version of 77.X on Gateways as well as SMS
We will be using a fresh R80.40 on new open server for SMS and new Gateways.
So would the overall steps be the same as you mentioned?
Thanks for your response!


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Are you moving to new SMS?


What versions?

R80 you can move policies using scripts.

FW specific tasks have been provided by G_W_Albrecht 

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