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Move IPS profile rules to Threat Prevention layer

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The SMS was upgraded to R80.x version before the GW's and later the GW's were also upgraded to R80.x version. Before the GW's were upgraded we got two layers under Threat Prevention. I now wish to move the GW's with R80.x version to the Threat Prevention layer from the IPS layer. 


IPS layer: Optimized profile set to install on the selected GW. Under global exceptions: Anti-Virus and Anti-Bot blade set to inactive. Also some few exceptions. 


Threat Prevention layer: Optimized profile set to install on the policy targets (same GW). IPS blade set to inactive under Global exception.


How do I move it to the Threat Prevention layer?

Disable the rule on the IPS layer that contains the Optimzed profile. On the Threat Prevention layer disable that IPS blade is inactive. Move all the exceptions from globacl exception IPS layer over to the Threat Prevention layer. Does this sound the right way to do this?




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