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Migration MDS R77.30 to R80.30 failed

This weekend we had planned to migrate our 102 domain 3 server MDS setup, the primary went just fine, ran for 8 hours with 31 domains. Next I installed jumbo on the 2 secondary's (had nothing else to do) and when I tried to migrate a secondary server it completely failed, so you think due to the jumbo difference, so also installed jumbo on the primary and attempted the import again, still fails and fails and fails. (as soon as it failed I nvolved TAC)

That was yesterday, today we got some special attention from Israel and we had a fun day trying to get the secondary to migrate without any result.

In the end they found a cpm crashdump, back to R&D with that, first question was: did they install a jumbo? 


Lesson to learn DO NOT in any case during migration to R80.30 install a Jumbo!!!

Regards, Maarten
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