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Machine status is not available


Facing issue with the Gateways status, showing "Machine status is not available".

While performing "cpstat -h problematic_gw_object_hostname -f all os", all information I can fetch from the SMS.

I was suspecting issue with the SIC,but same error result when SIC status is unknown or communicating. Also followed sk112058, but no luck. Please refer attachment for your kind reference.

Product Name: SVN Foundation
SVN Foundation Major Version: 9
SVN Foundation Minor Version: 7
SVN Foundation Service Pack: 6
SVN Foundation Version String: R77.20
SVN Foundation Build Number: 990172863
SVN Foundation Status code: 0
SVN Foundation Status short: OK
SVN Foundation Status long: OK
OS Name: Gaia Embedded
OS Major Version: 3
OS Minor Version: 10
OS Build Number: -
OS SP Major: -
OS SP Minor: -
OS Version Level:
Appliance SN: -
Appliance Name: CP 1430
Appliance Manufacturer: CheckPoint

Could we have the solution of the issue? @Timothy_Hall 

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Install R77.20.87 B990173042 from sk153433. In GAiA Embedded WebGUI, try to verify Management Settings and pull policy from SMS.

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I am having same issue seen in Checkpoint MDS for some of the gateways. How would we fix the same. Checkpoint MDS version R80.30 and Gateway version R80.40

Disabled and enabled IPS blade in gateway properties not helped. Just FYI.. policy installed after disable and enable. I hope this is beyond IPS, as I observed same issue with other gateway where it has only firewall blade enabled. Any help would be appreciated @Timothy_Hall @PhoneBoy 

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