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MDS migration from R77.30 to R80.20

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Hello guys,

I would like to test how migration works if I want to migrate all CMAs inside R77.30 MDS to the R80.20 MDS.

I have working R77.30 MDS with around 5 CMAs (clusters + VSXs).

It is possible to run R80.20 Check Point Pre-Upgrade Verifier tool from R77.30 MDS level ? I mean, to verify all CMAs at once to check if I have any errors and/or warnings.

The syntax of PUV is as follows:

[Expert@MDS:0]# ./pre_upgrade_verifier

This is Check Point Pre-Upgrade Verifier for version R80.20.

Usage: pre_upgrade_verifier -p SecurityManagementPath -c CurrentVersion -t TargetVersion [-u | -a][-f FileName] [-w]
Or: pre_upgrade_verifier -p SecurityManagementPath -c CurrentVersion -i [-f FileName] [-w]
-p Path of the installed Security Management Server (FWDIR).
-c Currently installed version.
-t Target version.
-i Check originality of Inspect files only.
-u Perform plug-in related checks.
-a Skip main train version checks, perform plug-in related checks only.
-f Output in file.
-w Web format file.

I have used "-p" argument to choose exact CMA path. There is no way how to say R80.20 PUV that I would like to run it for all CMAs found on R77.30 MDS ?

Once all R77.30 CMAs are "green" based on R80.20 PUV, what is the correct way to move all R77.30 CMAs to the new R80.20 MDS ? Using "migrate export" I can export only 1 CMA, or ?

Check Point has so many tools available (migrate, upgade, mds_backup, cma_migrate) for specific scenarios that I am confused which one is for what purpose...

Thanks for every comment.

Kind regards,
Jozko Mrkvicka
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