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Log unification error – too many update log, logs has been truncated


I have an ongoing issue with a "log unification error" for R80.10.  By research has found:

What I am seeing in the Logs and Monitoring view the following:


I am not seeing any issues with load on the Management server.

Does anyone else have any experiences with this issue that they could share?


Many thanks,


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Noticing this in R80.20 on an MDS environment, unable to find much documentation to support if this is an issue or just too many logs that match this UUID. How is this cleared as it is showing up on many logs 


Too Many LogsEdited.png

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Employee Alumnus

Were you able to fix this error ? 

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This ended up having 2 separate "resolutions" The message cleared on Threat Emulation Logs when we updated to Threat Engine Update 8.7 last year in August. The Message seen on HTTP Traffic was stated that it has no environmental impact and is unable to be cleared. The limitation of updates to the log is 500 updates by design. The error "Log Unification Error: Too Many Updates logs, log has been truncated" indicates the deviation in the number of updates, over 500. You can private message me if you would like the cases for reference.

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