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IP source routing on Checkpoint

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Hi Guys,

Recently I had the chance to work on Hardening of firewall's.

And we have advised to the Disable source routing (Forbid IP source-route) on the firewall device's.

Few lines about source nat.
"Source routing is a technique whereby the sender of a packet can specify the route that a packet should take through the network. As a packet travels through the network, each router will examine the destination IP address and choose the next hop to forward the packet to. In source routing, the "source" (i.e., the sender) makes some or all of these decisions.

Reason for disabling: Attackers can use source routing to probe the network by forcing packets into specific parts of the network. Using source routing, an attacker can collect information about a network's topology, or other information that could be useful in performing an attack. During an attack, an attacker could use source routing to direct packets to bypass existing security restrictions.

We have command in cisco devices to disable the ip source nat by giving the command "no ip source-route"

Could anyone recommended if we have any specific settings available ? As per my understanding this setting is not applicable to CheckPoint firewall. 



Vengatesh SR


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