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How to extend and enhance SmartConsole?

SmartConsole Extensions was designed to further extend the consolidation vision, and invite external interfaces to be integrated inside our Smart Console.

For example, you can create a web interface for an existing ticketing system, and embed it in SmartConsole so associated tickets can be displayed for every rule in the Rule Base.

Customers, vendors, partners and third-parties can develop their own extensions and use them inside SmartConsole.

SmartConsole Extensions are available in R80.20 GA and above

What you need get started with your own SmartConsole extension:

  1. A web application
  2. Hosting service- A web-service where you can host your web application (Make sure that your hosting service supports SSL). A simple storage service would be great for static html and JavaScript.
  3. Manifest file - A JSON file that contains the information needed to display and manage the extension. See instructions how to build this manifest file.

Get started with these SmartConsole extension samples:

You can integrate your content in various extension embedding locations in SmartConsole. To see the complete list of locations see Extension Locations in the developer guide.

To install SmartConsole extension:

  1. Navigate to Manage & Settings > Preferences > SmartConsole Extensions 
  2. Click the '+' button and insert manifest file URL

For specific requirement, please mail

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