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Full HA cluster upgrade from R77.30 to R80.30


We have two 5200 appliances running as R77.30 Full HA Cluster. We are planning to upgrade to version R80.30. 

In the Installation and Upgrade documentation ( Checkpoint says that, first upgrade the primary server then clean install the secondary server. This procedure is for upgrading from R77.30 specifically. If upgrading from R80 and above it seems that secondary management server can be upgraded directly.(

Since these appliances are Full HA cluster and have security gateway running, what will happen when we first upgrade primary server and reboot? The secondary server will go active as R77.30 and after primary server rebooted can it become active and co-exists in the cluster together with R77.30? 

Also is there any other procedure to upgrade without clean installing the secondary server?

I will be very pleased if someone can give more detailed procedure about the upgrade.

Thanks in advance.




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