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Full HA R77.30 to R80.40 Distributed architevture with VM Open server

Hi Checkmates,

I would like to have your thougs on a migration from a deployment of a Full HA of two 5100 in R77.30 to a Distributed deployment in R80.40. On the new deployment I'll have a VM on Hyper-V dedicated as the management station.

So far I've installed the VM with the R77.30 software and with the same Jumbo version of my Full HA deployment on the production environment. 

I've read some quite of the documentation available on this in the security knowledge base and here in Checkmates, but I'm still not comfartable with the whole process.

I know that first I need to go with the conversion to the Distributed architecture. But how can I proceed safely? Should I migrate export on the HA cluster first and migrate import on the VM and then disable the management role on my 5100? Or should I go the other way around?

What should be my approach on this? It is possible to avoid any downtime on this? If it was just an upgrade I know it is possible to have different versions on the cluster members, avoiding downtime. But with conversion I don't know if it is possible to achieve that.

Thanks in advance.

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