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Externally Mananged VPN Gateway Setup

Hi all,

I'm trying to setup an Externally Managed VPN Gateway using a Mesh VPN community.

I've got as far as completing the setup using exported Certificates from the :18264 website of each peer. Setup the Mesh Community, configured the Externally Managed VPN Gateway objects, all NAT and policies in place, however something is causing it to not bring up the tunnel.

In SmartView Monitor I get a message to state that GW not Responding so I made sure they two IP's can communicate and that routing is all fine, I'm able to get ICMP packets back and forth.

I can also see Key Install logs on both sides which would again suggest network accessibility is ok.

I tried to run some diagnostics and collect an IKE file to read however because of the state of the tunnel I'm unable to try and reset the tunnel to collect any information in an IKE.

I'm struggling to find any information on GW not Responding when googling.

Any ideas what I can try next? Happy to provide any configuration to help not sure what will help so let me know and I'll reply with it.



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