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Excluding networks from vpn community using crypt.def

This may be an extremely basic question but I wanted to bounce it off of Checkmates in case I am missing something.

We're looking to re-route some traffic so that it is no longer encrypted by our Check Point firewalls, but need to avoid changing our encryption domains. I am wondering if it is possible to perform this by creating a policy based route and excluding the below networks from the crypt.def file. Below is an outline of what we're looking to change:

Firewall A has the network in it's encryption domain.
Firewall B has the network in it's encryption domain.
They are both in the same VPN community.

Both firewalls are the gateways for those respective networks.  We do have the possibility of changing that but wanted to explore this as a possibility first.

We are looking to re-route traffic between these two networks to use its own private link maintained by the routers. Will a policy based route as well as excluding those networks in the crypt.def file as laid out by sk86582 work?

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