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Employee Alumnus
Employee Alumnus

Did you know? Lightweight communication from SmartConsole to the server

You may be familiar with SmartDashboard in R7x pulling every single network object and rule from the Security Management Server during the user login process. While this has been good for fast navigation between topics, this could cause significant waiting time until seeing the security policy, and also a large RAM consumption by the SmartDashboard GUI application.

R80 has eliminated this behavior with paged results

SmartConsole only requests from the Security Management Server the objects and rules it will show on the screen. And it does not load more than 50-100 network objects or rules per request. This has proved to be a significant change especially for large-scale deployments.

If you have thousands of security rules or millions of network objects, with R80.10 you might get a very different experience comparing to previous releases.

R80.10 Security Management architecture and platform allows us to create products that we couldn't create before. This new interaction is one of them.

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