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Compliance Blade - Missing Regulations and Standards


yesterday I set up a new CP Firewall (R80.20, Take47), activated the license and configured the compliance blade.

I checked i.e. EU Data Privacy, IT "Grundschutz", PCI DSS 3.2. In total I could choose from 35 Regulations.

Some time later I discovered that all the regulations mentioned above are now gone. I.e. the latest PCI DSS is now 3.0 and EU Data Privacy and IT Grundschutz are also gone.

I also got the System message "The compliance blade update package has secceeded. Security Best Practices and Regulations will be updated automatically".

I'm not 100% sure this update (can this update be triggered manually) is responsible for the consolidation/removal of the regulations.

After all I'm left with 26 regulations. I checked another R80.20 and it also had 26 regulations. I checked with the Check Point demo cloud and it has 35 on a R80.20.

Has anyone an idea if this is working as expected and if not, how to get the other 9 regulations back?






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