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Blink - install Management Server with 1 step - is now available!

I am happy to announce three exciting Blink improvements:


  1. Blink for management. As of today, Blink images are available also for Security Management Servers. You can now reimage a Security Management Server to a new version including the latest Jumbo in a matter of minutes. The new images are available for download from the Blink SK.
  2. Blink in First Time Wizard – On every GAIA machine! When you run FTW on a GAIA appliance, or even a VM or Open Server, one of the options is to “Install a version from Check Point Cloud”. Now you can install a Blink image by simply choosing it from the list
  3. Blink in CPUSE. CPUSE can now install Blink images. On the CPUSE WebUI page, there is a new section of available packages – “Blink Clean Install”. Choosing a Blink image and installing it will reimage the machine. This is not an upgrade, but a simple way to reimage.
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