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Automated reports for VPN logins

Hi all,

I was wondering if there is a way to automate a report that reports on the activity of remote access VPN users (more specifically, when they log in and when they log out). 

I'm assuming that can be done to an extent by a script in the cron table but I was wondering if there is an actual report that could be run on a scheduled basis to inform me of when VPN users log in and out.

Many thanks.

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The old way was SVTracker - with IA on, here all clients are shown when logging in or out:

Number:                                    2
Date:                                          1Jan2009
Time:                                          22:54:13
Interface:                                 daemon
Origin:                                        Alaska_cluster (
Type:                                          Log
Action:                                       Login
Source:                                     California.LAN.jacobson (
Rule:                                           0 - Implied Rules
Rule Name:                              Implied rule
Current Rule Number:         0-Standard
User:                                          MR. TEST
Encryption Scheme:             IKE
Data Encryption Methods: 3DES,IKE,SHA1
Product:                                    Security Gateway/Management