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Automate your everyday tasks with SmartTasks

In R80.40 we introduced SmartTasks, a powerful feature that further expands the openness and extensibility approach.

SmartTasks saves admins valuable time by automating routine tasks with pre-defined or customizable actions. A SmartTask is a combination of trigger and action.

Triggers are events – currently defined in terms of existing management operations, such as install policy or publish

Actions are automatic responses that take place after a trigger is fired, such as running a script, posting a web request.

Below you can find some of the SmartTasks we created. To start using them, just import the SmartTask into your R80.40 Security Management Server.

You're  very welcome to check out the scripts, modify and create your own SmartTasks.


SmartTask - Validate Session Name Format

SmartTask - Custom Permissions 

SmartTask - Restrict use of specific objects in Access Control Policy 

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