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Architecture question



We currently have two domains.

1 Domain for DEV which has a MGT station, Firewall Cluster, and Log Server.

1 Domain for Prod which has 2 MGT staitons ( 1 is in HA ) 3 Firewall Clusters each with their own Log Server.

I have 3 questions. Our sales rep told us multi-domain is overkill.


  1. We'd like to have central logging. Can we get rid of all Log Servers and send logs from DEV & Prod firewalls (separate domains) to a central Log Server and keep different MGT stations for DEV and Prod.
  2. If we wanted add a third MGT station to the PRD domain can we?
  3. Can we send logs from a firewall cluster to two separate Log Servers. One of which belongs to a different domain. Can we send logs from the DEV firewalls ( SIC with the DEV MGT station ) to the central Log Server that is going SIC with the Prod MGT station.


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