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Accessing the internet with checkpoint FW

I have set up on my workstation environment a Checkpoint FW R80.10 vm. And after configuring it my other machines cannot access the internet.

The configuration is as follows:

I have several machines configured in a LAN segment together with an adapter of the firewall.

I have another adapter of the firewall configured in a NAT in order to access the internet.

All of my machines' default gateway is (The ip of FW adapter in the LAN segment).

The machines inside the LAN can ping one another and also both IPs of the FW, but cannot access any address on the internet or

When I try to ping addresses on the internet or through the CLI of the firewall it does work.



My routing monitor is as follows:

routing monitor.png

and the only rule I have is:

only rule.png

What could be the error in my configuration, or what have I missed that still need to be configured?



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