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Maestro troughput

Hi guys,

Running a Maestro setup (dual site, 2*2orchestrators and 6 appliances). Is there some fixed cap on bandwidht ? As far as we can see we max out at aprox 250mbps pr session. (we are able to run two session, on same appliance, both maxing out at aprox 250mbps - adding in a 3 or we do get lower speeds). This is the same if we run it from other appliances to..

Goiong outside the maestro setup we get to aprox 1000mpbs.... the links between orchestrators and appliance are 10g, and the orchestrators have 4*10g. One secgroup, no other traffick running at same time, at least no considerable traffic. 


Anyone got some experience with this ? Or even a fancy pdf explaining it ? 🙂

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Re: Maestro troughput


What model appliances are part of the Maestro system, which software blades are enabled and how many connections are being used to generate/run the traffic?


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