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Maestro basic setup documentation

Hey guys,

I've been playing around with some Maestro units and a number of gateways. I have been running into a number of problems that caused me to document all the actions that I needed to do for a specific type of installation, the document is about 3 different scenario's:

  1. Single site dual Maestro
  2. Dual site single Maestro
  3. Dual Site dual Maestro

Please check out the document and let me know what you think about it, also if you see things that you don't understand or know that should be different, please let me know.


Updated the document to v1.0, 16 dec 2019.

Updated the document to v1.2, 26 Feb. 2020. Added bonding.

Updated the document to v1.3, 03 Mar. 2020. updated some parts and added commands.

Updated the document to v1.5, 17 Mar. 2020. updated some parts and added commands after training.

Updated the document to v1.6, 25 May 2020. Update regarding HA licenses

Regards, Maarten
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That's correct. All newer quantum appliances require R80.30SP. The next version R81SP will be supported on all appliances (older and newer ones)

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I see. I just expected R80.30SP will be released also for 6500 in future, but it seems this is not the case. Thank you for your clarification!

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