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HristoGrigorov inside Logging and Reporting yesterday
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Reappearing log indexing message

Hi,I am getting this message every time I switch back and forth log tabs and it does not want to go away no matter how many times I restart SmartConsole. Logging otherwise seems to work fine. Advise me what to do please?Latest R80.20 MNGT server and SmartConsole.
S_E_ inside Logging and Reporting yesterday
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SmartView web application delay

Hi,just looking at the feature SmartView web. Logs are visible and the search itself seems to be faster than SmartConsole. But I can't confirm the statement from the docu:It has the same real-time event monitoring and analysis views as SmartConsole.We could see a massive delay.Indexing is on.SMS R80.20 HF10Is this a feature or misconfiguration? Regards
TheRealDiZ inside Logging and Reporting yesterday
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SecureXL R80.20 - Issue on ALL High TCP Ports

Hey guys, After upgrade from R77.30 to R80.20, I notice that I got issue on all connections with high TCP ports passing through a VPN tunnel.That was huuuge... Fortunately after the upgrade I have immediately tried to disable SecureXL acceleration as per and solved the issue. Anyone has experienced this issue before? I know that in R80.20 SecureXL was moved to Fw_Worker.Anyone can explain to me the difference from R77.30 in detail?I think that probably this mechanism change is causing issue on all connections with high tcp ports. BRLuca
TheRealDiZ inside Logging and Reporting yesterday
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Not able to access SmartView R80.20

Hi Guys! I'm not able to access SmartView on R80.20 with error "Authentication to server failed".I'm using the same "admin" user with which I'm able to access SmartConsole, SSH, Gaia Portal. Anyone is experiencing the same?I have to configure something in specific? @RealD!Z
Evgeniy_Olkov inside Logging and Reporting yesterday
views 51 1

How to filter logs only from mobile devices?

Hello everyone. I've got a Security Checkup Report and see some information about mobile devices:How can I filter logs only from mobile devices? I've tried to use "os_name:Android" but it shows only Mobile Access logs.
Michael_Horne inside Logging and Reporting yesterday
views 420 6

R80.20: Administrators cannot log into Web Smartview GUI

Hello,I have a management server running R80.20.Some administrators can log into the Smartview Web GUI, while some of them can. The affected administrators can log into the Smart Console. The can access the Log and Monitoring section and can query and view logs using SmartConsole. The same user is not able to connect to the SmartView Web GUI. The message "Invalid username and password"When you look at the active sessions in the SmartConsole you can see the user has a "SmartView" session.I have recreated the affected administrators.I have restarted the management server.Does anyone have any ideas?
inside Logging and Reporting Thursday
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Log Exporter Filtering

Hello all,I'm happy to inform you that we added a new feature to the log exporter - the ability to filter logs.Starting today, you will be able to configure which logs will exported, based on fields and values, including complex statements.More information, including basic and advanced filtering instructions, can be found in SK122323.If you have any question or comment, let me know.Thanks!Dan.
Scott_Paisley inside Logging and Reporting Wednesday
views 28 1

Searching logs via description field

We enabled blocking traffic coming from known malicious IP addresses on our R77.30 gateways following sk103154which saysTo monitor the blocked IP addresses:In SmartView Tracker, search for "SecureXL message: Quota violation".That worked when the Tracker was R77, but in R80.20 when I search for that string I get zero results.Anyone else got it working?
Sergei_M inside Logging and Reporting Tuesday
views 29

Log Exporter Reexport

For the purpose of restoration of logs after accidents we tried to apply command cp_log_export reexport. In practice unloading of logs was executed in the period of last 4 hours that did not suit us. Whether there is an opportunity to unload the logs fora longer period? How to make it?
sajin inside Logging and Reporting Monday
views 239 4

Smart Event not showing Accepted Log

Smart Event not showing Accepted and the Clean up rule is ANY ANY ALLOW. In the Event when i select the policy package in the filter, the ACCEPT logs shows 0. I changed the Log to Detailed and Extended and after the Accept log was available but when expanding the logs again it shows only DETECT logs.Please any one help on this issue.

CheckPoint SmartView Browser R80.30 Automatic text translation!

Hello.I noticed that General Overview is automatically translated into Russian after a certain period of time. How is this possible? R80.30, OS Win 7
Ugur_Urel inside Logging and Reporting a week ago
views 187 2

User web activity application detection

Hi all,In the "Application and URL Filtering" report of the Smart Event, in the "high bandwidth user" view, for some users we see applications like "HTTP/2 over TLS" and "SSL Protocol". Beside these applications we can also see applications like youtube, facebook etc. (I have attached a picture from an example report)What we want to understand is what kind of access generates these traffics? ("HTTP/2 over TLS" and "SSL Protocol"). These applications seems like protocols, not applications, so in stead of these shouldn't we need to see the real application/site?
Neva_Innovation inside Logging and Reporting a week ago
views 44 1

750 APPLIANCE REPORT l shows wrong

Dear Support, i have 750 appliances check point model when we chose the monthly reportsits shows the wrong data how can we resolve.
Shiran_wang inside Logging and Reporting a week ago
views 106 2

5200 standaloe HA SmartEvent gray

5200 device upgrade to R80.10, after upgrade i found i can't enable SmartEvent due to this icon is gray,i checked official document, this document mention 5400 model can not be enable SmartEvent but no 5200 modelwhat should i do to enable SmartEvent blade?
Beverley_Cudd inside Logging and Reporting a week ago
views 288 3

Smartview Monitor stops running

We are running Smartview monitor on R80.10 and it seems to go down without reason.I have already had to restart it on our external cluster but today have tried to use is on all 4 firewalls and all 4 are showing down.I have rerun the command rtmstop && rtmstartto stop and restart it on one of them which brought it back to life.Question is why does it keep going down.