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User bw usage alert


I'm new to Checkpoint. We have several gateways at remote sites and 1 central SMS. Do you know if we can make any configuration to send alerts when an user's internet usage reach certain threshold? (managers said some users use a lot of internet bandwidth for personal purpose such as downloading big files, syncing mobile devices...) Also where can we generate reports for the same?



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You can find bandwidth related queries in Access Control Report.

Go to LOGS & MONITOR and open a New Tab and select Views and open  Access Control

access control checkpoint

As for the notification you can get a notification with SNMP but I'm not sure where to specify a bandwidth top user Threshold.


For limiting the bandwidth:

you can define limit objects in a rule and specify upload and download throughput but one limitation with these objects is if you define this on a 2 member cluster the data limit you defined in the limit objects will be divide by two.  


Hi Ni c,

I think the user wants to monitor bandwidth capacity filtered by users and send a notification if that particular user reach that capacity.  Eg: if user John Doe reach 200GB admin will be notified.