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Trouble with Generating over 30 days' Checkup Report in Large Environment

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Hi. I have met some trouble in a recent Checkup event. In customer's environment, the log files size is near 1-2GB a day, the duration of Checkup is over 2 months, so we need a Checkup Report of 60 days. But we find that it is impossible to generate the report, because all data in the preview window shows "query failed" after a short time. Even that, when trying export the report by using a scheduled task, it shows "failed" a few minutes later.

The deployment method is Distributed (One 23800 gateway to receive monitor traffic, one VM SmartCenter for management and Logging). And VM SmartCenter has 24 cores, 24GB memory (The usage of the system resource is not high in usual as we observed, and disk space usage is about only 25%). The activated blades are Firewall (no track action), IPS, Anti-Bot, Anti-virus, Threat Emulation. 

Has anyone met similar situation like this? 

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