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SmartView - Views

Hi CheckMates,

Is there any way in SmartView (SmartEvent R80.10) we can configure a user to always open a specific view upon login (like a default view or a direct link to the view) ?




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Re: SmartView - Views

Hello this information can be helpful

Logging and Monitoring R80 Administration Guide 

SmartEvent Reports-Only Permission Profile

You can define a special permission profile for administrators that only see and generate SmartEvent reports. With this permission profile, Administrators can open the SmartEvent client, but only see the Reports tab. They cannot access other security information in SmartEvent. You can configure this permissions profile to apply to the Application & URL Filtering blade only, or apply to all blades.

To create a SmartEvent report-only permissions profile:

  1. In SmartConsole, click Manage & Settings > Permissions Profiles.
  2. In the Permission Profiles page, select a permission profile, or click the New button and create a permission profile.
  3. Select Customized.
  4. On the Events and Reports page, select SmartEvent Reports.
  5. Clear all other options.
  6. For SmartEvent Reports option, select All Blades.
  7. On the Access Control, Threat Prevention, and Others pages, clear all options.
  8. On the Monitoring and Logging page, select all features, with Write permissions.
  9. Click OK.

    The profile shows in the Permission Profiles page.

  10. Assign the SmartEvent Reports Only permissions profile to administrators.
  11. Publish the changes

Also this post in the community 

Re: SmartView - Views

Hi Pablo,

Thanks for your reply. 

This will allow setting permissions for a user but not configure what I am looking for.

I need to define a specific View to always be opened when signing in through SmartView 




Re: SmartView - Views

Hi Nuno,

Do you refer to SmartConsole or SmartView via browser?

In the browser we remember the opened tabs from the last session (views / reports / logs).

For new users we are using the default user profile which opens the:

 - General Overview
 - Access Control
 - Threat Prevention

The default views can be changed by editing the users.xml _default_ user settings.

Would you like to limit this admin only to this specific view?

Can you please elaborate on the use case?


Kfir Dadosh


Re: SmartView - Views

Hi Kfir,

SmartView via browser.

I don't really need to restrict the predefined views (it would be a nice to have) but instead use one that I have created and always display that one upon login.



Re: SmartView - Views

Can you provide more information on this matter?


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Re: SmartView - Views

Was there a resolution out there?  I too would like a certain stakeholder to have a very specific view, through a browser and smartview, of data relating to traffic at their site.  Another stakeholder at another site would have a similar view, but different gateways (accomplished likely through a filter).  Thank you