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SmartLog displays wrong Rule Numbers



iam running on R80.20 with Take 188 and Smartconsole 992000088.

In SmartLog i see logs with same src/dst/svc - but smartlog shows different rule-numbers.

The Rule 552.47 is inside sublayer. 


2020-01-28 15_04_25-Window.png








2020-01-28 15_09_54-Window.png

when i open details for connection with wrong rule-number, and click on rule-link, dashboard jumps to correct rule 552.47

is it only an display-bug in smartlog?

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yea, it looks like only a display issue.

but I'd like to make sure, when you press the link on the left card of 8.552 you're actually moved to 'right' rule of 552.47 (as on the right card)?

the actions are completely different on both cards on the left & right, so something doesn't make sense to me.

what are the 'wrong' rules: 8.552 & 2.47, are they completely irrelevant?

thought they show accept, but on card they show drop & send actions.

can you send pics of all relevant rules & full log-cards?




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please provide mail-address
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I also found an issue like this. My gateway and management are running with R80.40 with HF_T67. 

Do we have any solution for fix this issue ?

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