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SmartEvent Reports for Capsule Cloud

Hi mates, after integrate Capsule Cloud to send logs to LogServer/Management  (using LTA), I can create reports with those logs? There are smartevent reports for Capsule Cloud? Can anyone share custom template about it?

SmartEvent server is on R80.10

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Re: SmartEvent Reports for Capsule Cloud

I retitled your post and moved it to the correct space: Logging, Monitoring, Reporting, and Event Analysis

In general, I am not aware of any Capsule Cloud specific reports, as the logs are similar to Remote Access logs.

Specifically what are you looking for?

Re: SmartEvent Reports for Capsule Cloud

Thank you, I want to know if is possible create reports on external smartevent with capsule cloud logs.
As far as I know, there are NO smartevent reports for capsule cloud