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Smart Console Tab Names


Smart Console R80.10 here. There is what I'd like to do:

1. Go to Logs & Monitor

2. Use Open Log View to create new Logs tab

3. Enter search criteria, for example: blade:ips

4. Change tab name from Logs to IPS 

How do I achieve step 4 ? Also, how do I fix the search scope to be for the last 24 Hours? I do that but next time I start SC and it is reset back to 7 Days. Very inconvenient.

Thanx for your comments.

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Re: Smart Console Tab Names

You can't rename a tab, sadly.

It looks like you can change the default query time period as follows:

Re: Smart Console Tab Names

Great! Thank you very much. I somehow missed that.

My next dream is to have SC save entire log view including hidden Tops and bottom panes. Those are reset every time as well.  Also column sizes shall be preserved. Those are annoying to adjust every time.


Re: Smart Console Tab Names

Actually, it is part of our roadmap to support this - log views.

With Log views tops, column profile and filter are saved, and the tab will have the view name.

Re: Smart Console Tab Names

That's great news, thank you!

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Re: Smart Console Tab Names

While we are on this subject, I'd like to be able to open any of the items on the left bar, i.e. Security Policies, Gateways and Settings as well as logs and keep all of them open in tabs concurrently.

Re: Smart Console Tab Names

Good point. 

Indeed for the majority of the views the closest solution is to open another session (which will not reflect unpublished changes).

Logs do have an undock button though, and i'm not sure that it's being appreciated enough.

Re: Smart Console Tab Names


I used this URL:

Check Point Software Technologies: Product and Feature Suggestions 

to submit feature request as I think it is more appropriate than CheckMates.

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