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Service Ranges in logs in R80


Is there any way to control the way that service ranges are resolved to names in logs in R80?

e.g. having a range of 1000-ish ports or so for ftps or rtp or something like that, and anything in that range gets resolved to that service name in the logs, even when it's a part of an unrelated rule. (And also when the service is not marked as 'Match for Any').

It's understandable for single port services, but with ranges it's more likely that there are going to be multiple overlapping ranges for different things.

Also, I don't think it's possible to selectively turn of name resolution for services only any more like you can in SmartView Tracker? It seems to be one on/off switch for all name resolution.




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Re: Service Ranges in logs in R80

I'm not aware of any option that would allow to control this,

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