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SNMP query for enabled software blades

I'm reluctant to post this because it's SNMP. I am no SNMP expert and not sure how to research this. I have done google searches as well as searches on checkpoint support. What I want to know is if you can pull what software blades are enabled on an appliance via SNMP? We manage hundreds of firewalls via a complex MDS system. Most of our firewalls are managed there but we have a few locations that have their own managment station. I'm pretty sure the blade info can be pulled from the MDS smart monitor (?) but we'd be left with the gap on the systems managed elsewhere - thus the desire to use SNMP. Additionally utilizing SNMP allows us to have all of our info in one locale vs. multiple systems. Thanks for any help, even if its guidance on how to find appropriate OIDs in the MIB. 

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Re: SNMP query for enabled software blades

Not sure there's a specific SNMP MIB for this, but the CLI command "enabled_blades" (at least on modern gateways) will tell you which Software Blades are enabled.
This command can be added to the SNMP configuration so it can be polled.
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