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SNMP VSX interface throughput

Is there a way to monitor an equivalent ifInOctets and ifOutOctets on the interfaces in a VS?

I have snmpwalked my VS and used the Check Point MIB but I just can't seem to find it. I see fwAcceptPcktsOut and fwAcceptPcktsIn etc. but that is not what I'm looking for. I want raw interface throughput.

When I snmpwalk the normal OS I see all the interfaces that is not assigned to a VS so that leads me to think that I have to find them in the VS part of the snmpwalk.

If there a way to do this?

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Re: SNMP VSX interface throughput

sk90860 How to configure SNMP on Gaia OS has a section about VSX including Traffic statistics per Virtual System.

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Re: SNMP VSX interface throughput

There are couple of gotcha's with it: when you crate SNMP v3 user, remember to add access to VSes. This is just an example for you:

add snmp usm user test security-level authNoPriv auth-pass-phrase Vpn12345 authentication-protocol MD5

set snmp usm user test vsid all

And then the trick is to use correct context naming ctxname_vsid<nbr>

For example on VS3

snmpwalk -v 3 -u test -a MD5 -A Vpn12345 -n ctxname_vsid3 -l authNoPriv localhost IF-MIB::ifInOctets
IF-MIB::ifInOctets.29 = Counter32: 2901170647
IF-MIB::ifInOctets.34 = Counter32: 82584654
IF-MIB::ifInOctets.38 = Counter32: 699082680
IF-MIB::ifInOctets.45 = Counter32: 3933321372
IF-MIB::ifInOctets.46 = Counter32: 3255273971
IF-MIB::ifInOctets.51 = Counter32: 4075777695
IF-MIB::ifInOctets.52 = Counter32: 2304373236
IF-MIB::ifInOctets.53 = Counter32: 4257852952
IF-MIB::ifInOctets.54 = Counter32: 696217932
IF-MIB::ifInOctets.59 = Counter32: 628306658
IF-MIB::ifInOctets.61 = Counter32: 3247362748
IF-MIB::ifInOctets.62 = Counter32: 4113833701
IF-MIB::ifInOctets.63 = Counter32: 3493776849
IF-MIB::ifInOctets.64 = Counter32: 779627878
IF-MIB::ifInOctets.66 = Counter32: 3388364414
IF-MIB::ifInOctets.72 = Counter32: 2462441968
IF-MIB::ifInOctets.75 = Counter32: 1636515736
IF-MIB::ifInOctets.80 = Counter32: 2985848821
IF-MIB::ifInOctets.81 = Counter32: 4077112618
IF-MIB::ifInOctets.84 = Counter32: 3163729674
IF-MIB::ifInOctets.86 = Counter32: 2093556065

Re: SNMP VSX interface throughput

Do you know how to monitor the VSx on both machines of a VSLS cluster running on 64k?
Using SMO as the agent host for snmp I only get the VSs that are primary on the SMO machine ;-(

UIPC required?
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Re: SNMP VSX interface throughput

Actually no. It's on my to do list. I believe there are some ASG SNMP OIDs so they might have cross platform counters. 

If SNMP is not that important you can always use asg perf outputs

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Re: SNMP VSX interface throughput

Thanks Kaspar. I'm already doing a real spaghetti job to get the info required from the chassis; python scripts to pull asg and vsx info and translate to json for telegraf + all the SNMP stuff that is usable. Everbody I asked assumed (including me) that cross chassis support was there. Will probably go the UIPC route.
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Re: SNMP VSX interface throughput

You might want to use High Capacity MiBs - ifHCInOctets/ifHCOutOctets instead of ifInOctets/ifOutOctets.

RFC 2233 adopted expanded 64-bit counters for high capacity interfaces in which 32-bit counters do not provide enough capacity and wrap too fast.

As the speed of network media increase, the minimum time in which
   a 32 bit counter will wrap decreases.  For example, a 10Mbs stream
   of back-to-back, full-size packets causes ifInOctets to wrap in
   just over 57 minutes; at 100Mbs, the minimum wrap time is 5.7
   minutes, and at 1Gbs, the minimum is 34 seconds.  Requiring that
   interfaces be polled frequently enough not to miss a counter wrap
   is increasingly problematic.

<...> Instead, this memo adopts expanded, 64 bit, counters. These counters are provided in new "high capacity" groups. The old, 32-bit, counters have not been deprecated. The 64-bit counters are to be used only when the 32-bit counters do not provide enough capacity; that is, when the 32 bit counters could wrap too fast.


Re: SNMP VSX interface throughput

For sure! The 32bit counters overrun in a few hours on some interfaces. 

Doesn't help with getting the info from the VSs on the second chassis though. 

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Re: SNMP VSX interface throughput

One more....

starting from R80.10 you can monitor a VS directly via IP of the VS.

You have to enable vs-direct access Mode

set snmp vs-direct-access on

Snmp section.



Re: SNMP VSX interface throughput

One more...

Starting from R80.30 VSX-IDs are also supported in Netflow