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R80.20 Smart Event Query failed

Hello, we have configured R80.20 Multi-Domain-Server (also for Log) and a R80.20 Smart Event Server.

at the Event Server the CPSEAD is running :

CPSEAD     59646  E     1       [10:29:53] 7/3/2019    N    cpsead

and we rx events:

Process is alive:              1
New events handled:            0
Updates handled:               0
Last processed event time:    
Current database size:         1460288880
Database capacity:             0
Events in database:            185711
Available database disk space: 749783178280
Database is full:              0
Total database disk space:     751243467161

Process Status:                0
Short Description:            
Long Description:             

I have send an event via snmp , and that works.

in the SmartConsole , Logs, General Overview, i see only "Query failed" and also for any Reports.


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Possible this is related: Missing logs / Query failed on SmartLog / Security Management environment with NAT 

It's worth a TAC case to confirm.

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