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Meaning of "0" in xlate fields

I have received a logs which record an outgoing connection from my network.

The log entry looks like this:
"time=1573109409|hostname=xxxxx| .... |version=5|dst=| .... |action=accept| .... |proto=6|s_port=43953|service=80|service_id=http|src=|xlatedport=0|xlatedst=|xlatesport=0|xlatesrc=|"
I have valid value for xlatesrc meaning NAT is properly done.
I have I see xlatesport as '0' which does not make sense.
Can someone enlighten when I will see a value of xlatesport=0.
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Re: Meaning of "0" in xlate fields

I assume it means NAT has not been done.
You can confirm by reviewing the logs in SmartView.
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