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MAC Info is missing in Log Profile

Hi Mates,

I have a problem seeing MAC address information in the Logs though MAC address feature is added to the profile. Could anyone help me finding it or if I missed anything in here. 

Thanks in advance. 

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Re: MAC Info is missing in Log Profile

What you're editing is what log fields show.

That does not reflect what information is actually logged.

In the regular Firewall/Access Policy, MAC addresses are not something we filter on nor is it something we log.

The only part of the product that appears to log MAC addresses at all is Mobile Access and even then it is only the client MAC.

Re: MAC Info is missing in Log Profile

To further expand on what Dameon said, I'm pretty sure that by the time the Check Point INSPECT driver/engine on the gateway receives the IP packet for inspection, the underlying Gaia/Linux NIC driver has already removed the Ethernet framing containing the MAC addresses.  This is why one must use tcpdump to see MAC addresses (-e option) in a packet capture situation, and they will not be displayed when using fw monitor.

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Re: MAC Info is missing in Log Profile

As Dameon mentioned already, logging Layer 2 info is a rare case for Check Point products. Firewalling is done on Layer 3 and above. 

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